There is no need to have your credit ruined by a foreclosure action!

The future is always unpredictable.  Loss of a job, illness, shifting interest rates...there are numerous reasons why someone might fall behind on their mortgage.  We understand that anyone can find themselves in default on their loan, and that it often happens unexpectedly. The Mark Kivley Team is here to help you.  We have been working with lenders for over twenty years, so we have the knowledge and experience necessary to negotiate with your mortgage broker.  Most importantly, we offer our services at no cost to you.  There is no reason to suffer the damage to your credit and the financial expense that a foreclosure actions causes.  Call us, toll free, at 877-REO-SALE. We will listing to your needs, explain your options, and do whatever we can to help you.  The call is free, you wont be charged for the consultation, and you will have no future obligation to us whatsoever.  All calls to our office are confidential.

TRUST The Mark Kivley Team to help you avoid foreclosure.  We don't just sell homes, we keep people in theirs.


The Kivley Team
The Kivley Team
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